Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Today Off. . . Sorry. . .

Hi, everyone.  I know I've been doing pretty good with keeping the story going, but today I'm taking a day off.  My little man turns 3 tomorrow, so I've been trying to plan a fun day for him.  

On top of that, it's been a rough week.  Those of you who are local know all about the tragedy at the high school on the first day of school.  For the people out of town who may not know what happened, I'll summarize briefly:

During the first lunch period on Monday, a 15-year old boy opened fire (2 shots total) in the cafeteria.  A 17-year old special needs boy was hit in the back by the first bullet.  The second bullet was fired into the ceiling as a guidance counselor wrapped the shooter in a bear-hug.  The school was evacuated, but classes resumed the next day.
I guess the thing is that you really don't think of this stuff happening in your area.  This area has always been considered safe.  The community is friendly, and proud.  This sort of thing is something you read about in the paper, or watch on TV.  

My week continued on a just-not-having-a-good-day sort of path.  Squeezing writing in has been difficult to impossible.  And it could just be that I'm physically and mentally exhausted.  

I promise to be back on schedule for next week.  Thanks for being patient.  Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Oh, yeah.  And. . .

I'm PROUD to be a GATOR!
Sing we ever PERRY HALL!  

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  1. The shooting reminded me that there's a very thin line between life and death. I was emotionally drained this week and felt that I needed a good cry -- instead I had some chocolate. I'll probably do the crying after I get on the scale.

    Have a great weekend and looking forward to your next chapter.