Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Tact. . .

Today I have a trip to the library planned.  There are four books waiting for me there, all from Belle Books or their other imprint Bell Bridge Books.  I found this publisher through the blog post about writer's block.  (That post was written for the publisher's blog by Eve Gaddy, one of their authors.)

Here I must admit a couple things.  First I am only about halfway through Fifty Shades Darker after having it for almost four weeks.  I just can't get through it.  When I look at it, I cringe at the thought of picking it up again.  So, while I pushed through the first book in the trilogy, I'm giving up on this one.  Yes, the presence of a real story line makes it more compelling than the first, but I discovered that I just don't like Anastasia Steele.  So, back the book goes.

The second admission revolves around the act of reading--fiction in particular.  With all the reading on the publishing industry I've been doing, picking up a fiction book has been difficult these past few weeks.  When you add to that the gourd art research I've been doing, I haven't really been able to force the time for fiction.  (Perhaps that is part of the problem with Fifty Shades Darker, but I don't really think so.)

These issues only add to my writer's block with Church Hill.  If I can't even read fiction, why should I be able to write fiction?  (Although, that girl with the scar still waits, and she is very compelling.)  So, today I go to the library to pick up four books of fiction with the hope that the locked gates to my stream of creative writing will open of their own free will.  Either that, or I can force myself back into that stream.

A day at the spa and shopping should be helpful, too.  :)

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