Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curiosity Begets Inspiration. . .

An old match book tumbled to the basement floor as our home's original ducts were ripped out.  The thin cardboard was barely holding together at the fold.  On one side read "C. H. GREEN & SONS". . . "KINGSVILLE MD." , and "CHEVROLET for '51". . . "AMERICA'S LARGEST AND FINEST LOW-PRICED CAR" on the other.  The color seemed in fantastic condition, perhaps for lack of exposure to sunlight.  

It got me to wondering about "C. H. Green & Sons."  Where was it located?  I mean, obviously it was in good-ole K-town, but where in Kingsville?  What is the building now?  Is it even still standing?

The internet revealed nothing.  Not one bit of useful information.  (Well, I did get one hit that seemed pertinent, but all it told me was that it was a dealership.  I already knew that.)

So I tried typing "Kingsville, MD" into the search engine.  The information that came up was abundant and extremely varied.  Too varied.  I narrowed my search to the history of Kingsville, and wham!, I got great hits.  While none of them were for the Chevy dealership, I started learning a lot about the Kingsville area and how it started.  Even before it started.

I got so into reading what I could find, that I wanted to dig deeper.  But the internet is very limited in its "knowledge" on the subject.  Figuring the best place to start would be the library, I asked the staff there.  They were very helpful and gave me a list of books I could start with.  (Most of them are reference books, though, which means I can't check them out.)

Last Thursday, Bug and I stopped at the Jerusalem Mill.  We were lucky enough that one of the volunteers was there, and I picked his brain.  He taught me a lot about the Mill in our short visit, but that is only on small part of the Kingsville area.  He did give me some free literature on the Mill.  Perhaps the most useful information I got from him, however, was the idea of going to the Historical Society of Baltimore and Harford Counties.

I visited both websites and found that I need quite a chunk of time to get what I need.  I also need a bit of cash flow because they charge for the use of their facilities.  My plan is to gather the archival information for what I need so as to shorten my time and cost in the libraries.

So here is my idea:  I want to write a book about the history of the Kingsville, MD area.  It would include the smaller townships of Bradshaw, Upper Falls, Jericho, Jerusalem Mill, Fork, and part of the larger area of Joppa.  

I have my work cut out for me, but so far I'm enjoying doing the research at times when I need a break from other projects.  

Please leave comments, and tell me what you think of my idea.

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