Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chaos is Taking Over. . .

Life has really kicked my butt this past week.  While I did get some books from the library on the history of  Baltimore County and Perry Hall, I got absolutely zero--zip, zilch, nada--writing accomplished.  I've been so busy with life, I haven't been able to get up early to get my writing in.

I know I wanted to keep this blog strictly about writing, but seeing as how I've none of that in the past week, I thought I'd share my chaos with you, my readers.

This week alone has been like a dry sponge soaking up time like it was a pool of water.  Monday was a no-school day in celebration of Presidents' Day.  Tuesday I woke up to a road-kill deer in my front yard, and the trash men never took our trash--presumably because of the deer?  Wednesday was go, go, go from the time I got up.

I was up at 6am, packing Bug's bags to be gone for the entire morning.  He was up on his own at about 6:45, and a bit fussy for the lack of sleep.  We had a very informative meeting with a teacher at 7:45 am--always an adventure with a 2 year-old in tow.   After the meeting we did our regular Wednesday routine, coming home with Burger King for lunch.  Burger King is Bug's weekly treat.  He loves getting "diet Coke, and french fries, and chicken nuggets."  (For the record, he gets chocolate milk, not diet Coke.)  

But our day didn't end there, as it usually does.  We went to see and feed the chickens after lunch, but a visit to the chickens requires a visit to Mr. Bob and Ms. Joan.  A visit to Mr. Bob and Ms. Joan calls for a raid of their cookie stash, and a peek at the rifle in the case on the couch.  Then, of course, a little jiggling of the computer mouse to reveal the guns on the wallpaper and a trip under the end table to dig into the pistachio tin.  Once he bored with wreaking havoc, he made a bee-line for the door and was laughing on the front porch before I could get through the foyer.

We had to go see the horse in the field, too--no carrots, but Mommy has her coffee cup.  (Can you see my eyes rolling?)  Then he saw the slides and played with Ms. Kim and Catie.

This morning we will be visiting a preschool.  This is simultaneously exciting and terrifying, as I'm sure those of you who are parents can attest to.  I'm looking for academics in a 3 year-old program.  We'll see what we get.

Have great weekend.

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