Friday, February 3, 2012

Carving Time. . .

I had the good intention of waking up early to carve out some writing time this morning.  But, when the alarm went off I was dreaming.  That made it harder to wake up, though I put up a valiant fight.  And, no, I wasn't "kissing Valentino by a crystal blue Italian stream."  It was just one of my normal wacky dreams, but that still made it hard to wake up.  

By the time I climbed out of bed, it was 45 minutes later.  There went my extra writing time.  Still, I thought I'd be able to get a little personal time in before the Bug woke up.  So, after putting the cloth diapers in a final rinse and getting a cup of coffee, I headed upstairs to put in some time.  

Fifteen minutes later, the Bug woke up.  He wanted to go downstairs instead of staying in my room to watch some TV.  There went my personal time.  

It's not a total loss, however.  I was able to get an email out to my instructor about an uncertainty in my last assignment--which I sent in yesterday.  And now I'm getting a blog post done.  

My little man is pretty good at letting me do the things I need to get done, so maybe he'll allow me to write a bit later on.  Like after breakfast or lunch.  (We have discovered that afternoon play time upstairs is good for both of us.  He gets a change of scenery, and I get to work in my little nook.)

Hope everyone has a great Super Bowl weekend.

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